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Whether you're looking for home based childcare in Porirua, or thinking of looking after children in your own home, Footsteps can help you. We have over 10 years' experience in providing and supporting quality childcare options throughout New Zealand.  Our focus is on leading by example, which means that we strive for excellence in everything we do for both children and their carers alike.  

Finding You Exceptional Home Based Childcare

As any parent knows, choosing a pre-school homebased childcare option for your child can sometimes be a nerve-racking and even frustrating experience. There are just so many things to consider - the level of educational programmes offered, the personality of the carer, and the and the overall home environment. Apart from all the practical considerations, we also know that, especially for parents or carers who are leaving their children for the first time in home based childcare, it can be an emotional time. You want to know that you're leaving your child in the very best hands. 

Luckily, Footsteps can help take some of the worry and stress out of such a decision. We'll work with you every step of the way to find the very best option that suits your requirements.  The best thing of all? We'll match you with the right caregiver for free!

Here's just some of the other reasons why you should choose a Footsteps' home based childcare for your child:

* Our in-home carers receive exceptional ongoing support, resources and learning opportunities from our professional early childhood education teachers. Our 'Learn' Programme is unique in that it delivers a true partnership between our qualified teachers and carers. Working with carers, our early childhood experts craft tailored programmes for each child, helping them reach their full potential.

* Footsteps can help you access the government's childcare subsidies that you may be eligible for. Most childcare providers will charge you administrative fees for this service.  We don't. In addition, if your child is aged three years or over, we are able to provide access to the Government's 20 Hours of early childhood education (ECE) subsidy.

* We take your child's safety very seriously, and are still the only organisation in New Zealand to be certified by child protection organisation, Child Matters.  We are also the first and only childcare provider in the country that has been approved to train its' staff in child protection. 

* Ever wondered how caregivers manage to look after children and complete their Learning Journals at the same time?  We wondered the same thing.  That's why we get our early childhood teachers to write the Learning Journals.  This has two benefits:  not only do carers get to focus on what we think is their most important role (caring for, playing with and educating children), your child's Journal is written and reviewed by people who are qualified to assess their educational requirements, and to make suggestions for future development opportunities.

Give us a call now on our toll free number 0800 366 878 and our Customer Service team can help you with any questions you may have.

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Sabah Lee

"I love Footsteps!!! The different learning resources provided each month are exactly what my daughter needs to be stimulated and learn through play."

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